BePing - Integrated Ping, Whois and TraceRoute Software


BePing - Integrated Ping, Whois Lookup and Trace Route

BePing was first designed during some internal network issues here at BeachyUK. We were bored of using the command prompt and so put together the first version of BePing to make it easier. BePing has come a long way since its internal days and due to popularity on the web its been updated bit by bit to include new features. It's totally free so why not download and see for yourself? BePing is currently at version 4.01.




BePing v4.01

BePing is the ultimate ping utility. It combines a simple, easy to pick up interface with functionality that allows the user to get more through MultiPing, Whois Lookup and Trace Route technologies.

BePing is designed to cope with the needs of both network administrators and home users. Its popularity stems from its functionality, matching that of commercial products. BePing is however, completely free.

BePing - 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia


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Support Development

It costs money to produce software. So if you find BePing very useful please consider making a donation.

A 1 or $1 donation from each of our users will help us develop BePing and other products.

Please consider making a donation




BePing Features

  • Ping Address for Domains or IP's
    The address for pinging can be entered as either an IP or the domain name equivilent.
  • IP Translation
    If you enter a domain name to ping, BePing will translate this into its official IP address and vice versa.
  • MultiPing
    By just selecting the number of Pings you require to make from a drop-down, you can get BePing to report the average based on multiple pings.
  • Customisable Data to Ping
    BePing allows you to specify the size of data sent during the ping. As standard Windows sends 32 bytes but with BePing you can send a customised amount for better analysis.
  • Whois Lookup
    Find out who owns a domain name. This feature also allows you to lookup the email addresses for reporting abusive emails from the domain and hacks.
  • Trace Route
    Just like tracert in DOS this feature allows the tracing of the servers along the route between you and the server named.
  • Update Lookup Server List
    Keep your server list up-to-date online so you have the best list for Whois Lookups.

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