phpBB3: Avatars not showing after update – Solved!

Another day, another issue to resolve… this time it was the turn of phpBB to shed some of the remaining hair from my head. I have however now got to the bottom of this, so this is another post aimed at helping others hindered by this irritating issue. It seems that the phpBB update changed … Read morephpBB3: Avatars not showing after update – Solved!

“Unknown error” in Windows Live Mail

I don’t know if it’s my anti-virus getting a grip onvirus ridden e-mails, but I am getting a lot of “unknown error” messages in Windows Live Mail when I try to delete or move to junk, spam mails with attachments. I was somewhat frustrated by this, as it leaves my inbox littered with junk… I … Read more“Unknown error” in Windows Live Mail

cPanel Addon Domains: Host multiple domains under your hosting package

A prospective client contacted me yesterday asking whether it was possible to host more than one domain against a BeachyUK hosting package. The answer is yes… and having had a similar question before, I thought it was worth adding a post on this to explain how you can do this using cPanel Addon domains.

WordPress Upgrade Failed: Could not copy file

Obviously I like to keep WordPress up-to-date to ensure it has the latest security patches, and that any new features, or improvements are available to myself, and you lovely readers! Well of late I’ve had issues upgrading WordPress. I’ve tried the automatic upgrade on several occasions, and in an attempt to keep my cool, I’ve … Read moreWordPress Upgrade Failed: Could not copy file

Haiti earthquake: What are we doing?

“We’re” obviously there, and we’re obviously doing “everything we can” with the available resources, but this country is not inaccessible to the world, I refuse to believe that it is that difficult to get people and resources into the country.