The future of legally free music? – Spotify

Somewhat off the usual topic of this blog, but when we came across Spotify, we were extremely excited… So what is it? Spotify is a new music streaming service. It can be downloaded for free, and features artists like The Killers, Lady Gaga, ColdPlay and other major artists, as well as independants. Spotify can be … Read moreThe future of legally free music? – Spotify

UK Government creates “scam” sites to take on scammers

For a long time now I’ve broadcast that the “secret” to making easy money online is to be dishonest. Sadly there are those out there who have no ethics, and scamming for them is a way of life. The UK Government is now seeking to take these scammers on at their own game. Looking primarily … Read moreUK Government creates “scam” sites to take on scammers

The backlink benefits of feedback

Do you ever provide feedback to businesses you’ve bought goods or services from online? No? Well you maybe missing out on a backlink or two then. Take a look at some businesses testimonials/feedback pages, and you’ll find that many, services businesses particularly, provide a link to the website of the people providing feedback. So next … Read moreThe backlink benefits of feedback

Liberty Reserve payments now accepted

Some of you may have noticed the appearance of a Liberty Reserve icon on the site recently. We have recently decided to start accepting Liberty Reserve payments in addition to our usual payment methods of UK Cheque or PayPal/Credit Card when paying for our Web Hosting packages. Liberty Reserve is an e-currency provider that has … Read moreLiberty Reserve payments now accepted

Datacentre Move Complete

I can now confirm that our datacentre move is complete. We’ve relocated to a larger datacentre more capable of handling the expansion we need. The new datacentre was a key part of enabling our expansion, but also in increasing reliability of the services we provide. I’d like to thank all of our customers for their … Read moreDatacentre Move Complete

What is your domain worth? (for paid links or selling domain)

Whether you’re looking to sell some advertising space, sell your domain, or just fancy knowing…. many of us wonder what our domain is really worth. Here’s a great tool that applies several criteria to come up with a value it deems your domain to be worth: It looks at: Domain Age PageRank (and whether … Read moreWhat is your domain worth? (for paid links or selling domain)

Create a secure login area using PHP

If you’re looking to have user’s, or maybe just yourself as “Admin” log into your website, PHP is a great way to do this securely. In this post, I’ll take you through creating a basic user authentication system using PHP. To keep things simple initially, I’ll store the user information (username and password) in the … Read moreCreate a secure login area using PHP

Tips on getting backlinks

In the previous post I talked about the importance of backlinks. So here’s my tips for securing for good backlinks for your site: Submit your site to web directories There are a huge number of web directories around. Submitting to the larger directories (like is easy, but to really get the benefit, you want … Read moreTips on getting backlinks


What is PageRank? PageRank (PR) is one of Google’s  key calculators of the importance of a page of the web. Put simply, PageRank views links between pages as “votes” for page. In its first iteration this simply means the most heavily “voted” for (linked to) pages are seen as the most “important” in the Google … Read morePageRank