eMail hacked? 9 things to do now

Taking you through the steps to recover from a hacked eMail account, and to minimise the chance of a future hack. If your eMail is hacked, you need to do more than just change your password. This article answers the question of “what next?”for those who have suffered from an account hack.

Activities to perform a PC healthcheck

Recommended steps to quickly and easily perform a healthcheck of a Windows PC for improved security and performance.

The best place to sell a caravan in the UK

Struggling to sell your caravan? This is THE place to get the best results!

Why do we call Black Friday, “Black Friday”?

Have you ever wondered the origin of the term “Black Friday”? The day after Thanksgiving in the United States is widely known as “Black Friday”, a term that has become synonymous with frenzied shopping, massive discounts, and the start of the holiday/Christmas shopping season. The name has spread around the globe, with retailers in countries […]

Get yourself out of debt – Simple guide to financial independence

Advice on plotting your way out of debt through good financial management to minimise the impact debt has on your life and gain financial independence. Getting control of your financial situation requires motivation and discipline.

Cyber security awareness training: Protecting yourself and your organisation

I’ve spent my career advising on, and implementing, information technology at everything from multi-national corporations to small businesses. I’m regularly confronted with the need to step up the knowledge of an organisation (not just the IT department) to protect against cyber attacks. I know it’s difficult for small businesses in-particular to find cost-effective ways to […]

When is the right time to replace your smartphone?

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. They are our communication hubs, personal assistants, entertainment centers, and more. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, it can be challenging to determine when it’s time to bid farewell to your trusty old device and welcome a new smartphone into […]

How to remove fleas from your home – my experience

Some years back, I had the misfortune to get fleas into my house. This was a horrible experience to go through, and despite common belief, simply being clean and tidy isn’t enough to prevent this. I had 2 house cats at the time that didn’t go outside at all, and I used the standard FrontLine […]

How to securely wipe a computer (when selling or disposing)

When it comes to selling or disposing of an old computer (desktop or laptop), it isn’t always easy to be sure that your data cannot be recovered by the new owner. I’ve spent my career working in the IT industry, so this is my guide on how to securely wipe a computer that is running […]

What is my Wi-Fi password? Extracting Wi-Fi passwords from Windows

How to extract a previously saved Wi-Fi password from Windows Wi-Fi settings. You just need to have administrator rights on the device.

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