Why do we call Black Friday, “Black Friday”?

Have you ever wondered the origin of the term “Black Friday”? The day after Thanksgiving in the United States is widely known as “Black Friday”, a term that has become synonymous with frenzied shopping, massive discounts, and the start of the holiday/Christmas shopping season. The name has spread around the globe, with retailers in countries […]

Reduce wear and tear on your shoes

Over the last few years, I’ve stopped being so hard on my shoes though my brother is apparently 10 times worse than me at this. Having discussed this recently with him, I thought I’d write a quick post for others who find themselves buying new shoes regularly, and constantly frustrated by the seemingly short life […]

Expiry Dates: Check your Tesco Clubcard vouchers – use it or lose it

Not my usual topic, but I’ve just come across a couple of expired Tesco clubcard vouchers in my drawer, and a quick search of the Internet suggested Tesco will NOT renew such vouchers. Having just expired in the last month, I thought I’d call them to give it a go. I explained I was saving […]

Have we lost the plot on privacy? New site shows empty homes ripe for robbing!

Yes it really does seem that we’ve lost the plot as far as privacy goes. I’m not just talking about security breaches at companies, or government personnel losing sensitive information…. I’m talking about you and I sharing far more data than ever we surely should. I’ve not been a huge fan personally of the massive […]

Eco-spirit – Will World leaders find a greener way forward?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit of an eco-fan myself, and I get really mad reading these constant reports that suggest world leaders won’t come up with a satisfactory way forward at the Copenhagen conference in early December. It’s great to see world leaders making pledges before the conference, but nobody seems […]

The future of legally free music? – Spotify

Somewhat off the usual topic of this blog, but when we came across Spotify, we were extremely excited… So what is it? Spotify is a new music streaming service. It can be downloaded for free, and features artists like The Killers, Lady Gaga, ColdPlay and other major artists, as well as independants. Spotify can be […]

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