Create a secure login area using PHP

If you’re looking to have anyone log into your website, PHP is a great way to code this yourself securely. In this post, I’ll take you through creating a basic user authentication system using PHP. To keep things simple initially, I’ll store the user information (username and password) in the script. Once you’ve got this […]

Genuine user review of Hostinger Premium Web Hosting

Having struggled to find one myself, this is a genuine review from a real Hostinger customer. As at 17th November 2019, is now on the Hostinger Premium Web Hosting package. In November 2019, I decided needed to move off free/near-free web hosting. Site performance had been slow, and free hosts kept disabling the […]

8 cost-free top tips every website owner should be following

Whether you have a blog, business card or e-commerce website, getting the basics right can make sure search engines like your site. This ensures you get a natural flow of traffic, with minimal effort and cost. Whilst this article is focused on cost-free search engine optimisation tips, it would be remiss of me not to […]

How to embed YouTube videos with a specific start time

As a keen YouTuber, I regularly embed my videos in this site. Sometimes it’s relevant to start the embedded video at a specific time, to avoid wasting the readers time. It’s simple to do… so if you find yourself needing to embed a YouTube video that starts at a specific point in the video, here’s […]

phpBB3: Avatars not showing after update – Solved!

Another day, another issue to resolve… this time it was the turn of phpBB to shed some of the remaining hair from my head. I have however now got to the bottom of this, so this is another post aimed at helping others hindered by this irritating issue. It seems that the phpBB update changed […]

cPanel Addon Domains: Host multiple domains under your hosting package

A prospective client contacted me yesterday asking whether it was possible to host more than one domain against a BeachyUK hosting package. The answer is yes… and having had a similar question before, I thought it was worth adding a post on this to explain how you can do this using cPanel Addon domains.

WordPress Upgrade Failed: Could not copy file

Obviously I like to keep WordPress up-to-date to ensure it has the latest security patches, and that any new features, or improvements are available to myself, and you lovely readers! Well of late I’ve had issues upgrading WordPress. I’ve tried the automatic upgrade on several occasions, but it continues to give me an “Installation Failed” […]

WordPress – Cache Issues – Clear Cache

Well I thought I would help others who may have been facing the same problems as me. When visiting my wordpress blog several errors appeared at the top of the website stating headers have already been sent out. This made it impossible to login to the backend of my blog. After searching google for answers […]

Changing the Maximum Product Name Length in Virtuemart

Hi Guys, Just a really quick post for anyone who wants to increase the Product Name length in Virtuemart. Go to phpMyAdmin Locate the table  jos_vm_product Find the field product_name (ot at the top of the table like you would expect!) Then click change (the second button from the left) Change Length/Values to the number […]

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