About BeachyUK

BeachyUK is a small, energetic organisation, setup in 2000 by technology enthusiasts. We aim to provide world class Internet Services.

We are not profit-driven, although we do make money. As technology enthusiasts, we aim to grow our own, and others, knowledge. We want to help everyone make the most out of technology.

We’ve had a very successful history, being one of the UK’s cheapest Internet Service Providers during 2000; making money at a time when many ISP’s were struggling. As the Internet moved to Broadband, we moved out of the ISP market, entering the software and hosting markets.

In software, we gained huge recognition for the development of BePing, a free, function packed, ping utility for Windows.

We have 18 years of experience in the Internet Services market.

Posting on this blog is a mixture of efforts from the official BeachyUK announcements, to the rather more random musings of myself (James), the founder of BeachyUK.

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    • Hi Adex, afraid I’ve shut down the hosting service. There is so much competition in hosting, it didn’t seem like I could bring anything unique to the market in that area any longer.

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