About BeachyUK

BeachyUK is a small, energetic organisation, setup in 2000 by technology enthusiasts. We aim to provide genuinely useful Internet Services.

We are not profit-driven, although we do make money. As technology enthusiasts, we don’t just want to sell technology solutions, we want to grow our own, and others, knowledge. We aim to help everyone make the most out of technology, whatever their IT knowledge and skills are.

We’ve had a very successful history, being one of the UK’s cheapest Internet Service Providers (ISP) during 2000; making money at a time when many ISP’s were struggling. As the Internet moved to Broadband, we moved out of the internet access market, entering the software and web hosting markets.

In software, we gained huge recognition for the development of BePing, a free, function packed, ping utility for Windows.

Web hosting is now a saturated market, with little extra we can bring to the market, we’re now focused on bring help through how-to guides and information through this blog, and our YouTube channel: Artexic.

About James

Hi, I’m James. I’m the owner of BeachyUK.com.

I’ve been dabbling with technology since the 1990’s. I started in the days of MS DOS and Windows 3.1; developing simple programs in QuickBasic on 3.5″ floppy disks, and learning to fix broken PC’s and disks when my friends PC’s let them down… I loved it, and that set me on my path for the future.

On a placement year at IBM, I spotted opportunities for improvement, and with their approval, automated a mundane process overnight that saved each of my team hours of daily pain, and enabled them to focus their energies on the fun part of their roles.

As a result, I returned to IBM after getting my degree, and spent the next 10 years of my career with IBM, working with a range of IBM customers, to help them make the most from their IT systems, as well as building systems to help drive efficiencies and quality across the organisation.

In 2013 I left IBM, and joined a medium sized business, to help them get the most out of technology. I’m now an IT Contractor, bringing my quirky mix of management, relationship management and technical skills to businesses, to help IT teams to deliver through risk based prioritisation, a structured approach and a focus on internal and external customers.

Outside of work, my more geeky side comes out. I use Linux at home rather than Windows (Ubuntu specifically), and spend time experimenting with tools and code using php and Python as my latest languages of choice. You’ll find my latest free online tools on the site.

BeachyUK and the Artexic YouTube channel remain an outlet for my tools, and idea sharing. I’d very much welcome you on my journey. Subscribe to the Artexic YouTube channel for regular how-to guides, or leave me some comments on this blog… it’s great to know if something I post is useful to anyone!

2 responses to “About BeachyUK”

  1. Good work you are doing, James.
    How can I subscribe to beachy. Com hosting services. Thanks

    • Hi Adex, afraid I’ve shut down the hosting service. There is so much competition in hosting, it didn’t seem like I could bring anything unique to the market in that area any longer.

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