Global Climate talk results – what a farce!

I like to think of myself as a supporter of environmental change, i.e. greener solutions. I think climate change, and the general reduction of supply of fossil fuels means energy costs are only going to go one way, and there is an ever improving financial reason therefore to utilise produce our own electric, so I’m […]

Have we lost the plot on privacy? New site shows empty homes ripe for robbing!

Yes it really does seem that we’ve lost the plot as far as privacy goes. I’m not just talking about security breaches at companies, or government personnel losing sensitive information…. I’m talking about you and I sharing far more data than ever we surely should. I’ve not been a huge fan personally of the massive […]

Haiti earthquake: What are we doing?

“We’re” obviously there, and we’re obviously doing “everything we can” with the available resources, but this country is not inaccessible to the world, I refuse to believe that it is that difficult to get people and resources into the country.

Eco-spirit – Will World leaders find a greener way forward?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit of an eco-fan myself, and I get really mad reading these constant reports that suggest world leaders won’t come up with a satisfactory way forward at the Copenhagen conference in early December. It’s great to see world leaders making pledges before the conference, but nobody seems […]

UK Government creates “scam” sites to take on scammers

For a long time now I’ve broadcast that the “secret” to making easy money online is to be dishonest. Sadly there are those out there who have no ethics, and scamming for them is a way of life. The UK Government is now seeking to take these scammers on at their own game. Looking primarily […]

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