Cat Insurance Costs – Real PetPlan Example

PetPlan is one of the few Pet Insurers in the UK that provide true “for life” cover on claims. This means they will continue to payout year after year for an ongoing illness, where other insurers would stop after 12 months or similar.

The trouble is that you have to continue paying for insurance with them (this seems reasonable), but the cost goes up each year, and they don’t tell you the amount it will be until renewal time. This can make it difficult to decide whether this type of insurance is right for your pet.

To help give others a view of the cost of PetPlan, I’ve gone back over my PetPlan invoices, and provide below a table of the last 5 years of renewal costs as an example of the change year on year with PetPlan. This was for 2 cats, and is a real life example. I don’t work for PetPlan, and I have no way of knowing whether yours will rise the same, but hopefully this will give a real life example to those seeking to consider Pet Insurance, and wondering how much it is likely to go up each year for the age of the pet, and general inflation.

Year Cats Age Cost Charged (includes 2 cats)
2008 4 yrs old £22 per month
2009 5 yrs old £24 per month
2010 6 yrs old £27 per month
2011 7 yrs old £29 per month
2010 8 yrs old £33.50 per month

Note: The above costs are for 2 cats, and include a £24 per annum (£2 per month) multipet discount. So 1 cat for the period is likely to have cost from £13 to £19 per month.

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