Expiry Dates: Check your Tesco Clubcard vouchers – use it or lose it

Last updated on March 13th, 2021

Not my usual topic, but I’ve just come across a couple of expired Tesco clubcard vouchers in my drawer, and a quick search of the Internet suggested Tesco will NOT renew such vouchers.

Having just expired in the last month, I thought I’d call them to give it a go. I explained I was saving up for a specific item under their scheme and that I had noticed a couple had expired, was this an issue?… err, yes it is Sir.

This all said, the chap explained that expired vouchers can be reissued IF they are still on the system, but that they disappear from the system quickly. I couldn’t see them in my online account, but he could! So I’ve been told to destroy the vouchers, and he has arranged so I will get new ones in the New Year to replace them!

Worth checking your vouchers folks and ringing Tesco if they’ve expired. I’d recommend you explain that you were saving them for one of their clubcard deals, as Tesco make money on them, so they’re probably more likely to be nice to you that way!!

Worth mentioning you can get in-date vouchers reissued anytime, so if you are saving up for something and getting close on date for the vouchers, get them to reissue them so you have another 2 years without the risk of expiry!

Once they’ve dropped off the Tesco system, they’re worthless, so check your vouchers today… it’s use it, or lose it!

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