Fix “Unknown Error Reported” in BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Last updated on March 13th, 2021

After a week of swearing at BlackBerry Desktop Manager for refusing to backup or sync my BlackBerry to my laptop, I finally managed to resolve this, and thought I’d share, in-case this helps others.

The Error

I was getting an “Unknown Error Reported” error message everytime I clicked “Synchronize” or “Backup” in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. My BlackBerry WAS connecting to the laptop fine, but there appeared to be an issue in the communication to perform these tasks. Restarting the machine and connection made no difference at all.

The Fix

Initially I tried Resetting the Syncronization settings using the “Reset configuration” button in the Desktop Manager, under the Configure->Syncronization section of the Syncronization screen… this is worth doing, as it is the official BlackBerry function for fixing such issues… but it didn’t work for me!

I then decided to attempt to reset the configuration for the connection myself.. this DID work!!
1. Disconnect your BlackBerry from your PC first.. as you’re about to reset the connection settings!
2. Click the OPTIONS menu, and then DATA FOLDER OPTIONS
3. If you are using the DEFAULT location, click on USE THIS SPECIFIED FOLDER. This is purely to make it easier to copy the folder path easily. Copy the path, and click CANCEL, so you don’t actually change any settings here.
4. Now in Windows Explorer, paste the path into the ADDRESS bar at the top, and hit the return key. This should take you to your data folder for BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
5. You should see an INTELLISYNC folder. Delete it. This contains all the configuration for the Syncronization function, which appears to be used for backups too!
6. Now reconnect your BlackBerry and syncronize your BlackBerry… it should work beautifully!

Hope that helps you if you have a similar error!

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