Google Adsense: Does it pay to block Ad Networks?

I’ve read lots of posts from people claiming that blocking Ad Networks improved their Google Adsense revenue, but never seen any proof. So here’s my stats…

Obviously Google Adsense rules means I can’t share actual numbers, but the below graph is my RPM. You will notice that things change in late March, with RPM being less “spiky”, and on-average lower. My actions in late March were:
– Some Search Engine submissions
– Adding Related Posts section in the top right of pages
– Robots meta tag added
– Google Adsense block list updated to REMOVE blocked networks – All networks now active

So one of the above actions looks to have been the cause of a dramatic drop in my revenue. I’m not drawing conclusions here at the moment, but I wanted to share my data to help show others that the above actions can obviously impact revenue significantly.

Will update if I find reason to confirm the cause!


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