How to embed YouTube videos with a specific start time

As a keen YouTuber, I regularly embed my videos in sites such as this one. On occasion, it’s relevant to start the embedded video at a specific time, to avoid wasting the readers time.

It’s simple to do… so here’s how to do it:
1. Go to the video in YouTube, and click the “Share” button

2. You can then choose to share over Twitter etc.. or just choose “embed” for general code to add to a website

3. New: There’s now an option at the bottom of this screen where you can choose the point you want the video to start playing from

That’s it… copy the code, and embed as you wish. For those wanting to create it themselves, the link basically has a “start” parameter on the end, with the number of seconds into the video to start.

This means:
Will start the embedded video at 1 min and 2 secs (62 seconds).

It’s worth noting that the format of YouTube embedded code changes every now and then (e.g. it now includes https rather than the older http url). It’s worth checking old links therefore to ensure they remain current. This helps ensure they work, are search optimised, and provide your visitors with the best possible embedded YouTube video experience.


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