How to get Firefox to ask to save passwords

Last updated on March 13th, 2021

I am sure most users of Firefox have had the same problem I have struggled with over the last few days. When you first visit a website where you have to login to you often say don’t save the password. Then after visiting that website on a more frequent basis you decide that it is a complete pain to keep typing in your login details.

Now normally when you visit a website for the first time this is easy, either a pop up box appears in Firefox 2 or in the new Firefox 3 a bar across the top appears and shows the various options. However, after you have said no this never occurs again. The only way to change this is to go to tools>options>security>exceptions

This will then show a list of all the websites which you have selected not to have login details saved. All you have to do is scroll down the list find the website that you want to have the login details saved.  Click remove. Then next time you visit the website it will bring up an option for you to decide to save or not!

It is as simple as that! More help is available on the Firefox support site!

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