iTunes – Get artwork to stay on top of other windows – e.g. Enhanced Podcast Images

Last updated on March 13th, 2021

I’m a big fan of the BBC’s “Best of Chris Moyles” podcast. This is available as an “enhanced podcast”, which basically means the artwork changes through the podcast, to give you a better experience, with pictures changing through the podcast, as designed by the podcast producer.

I’ve remained subscribed to the enhanced podcast for years, but have found that I needed to Alt-Tab back to iTunes at times when I thought the image might add to the amusement of the podcast… and only today actually found an option that means these can stay on the screen over the top of other windows, such that I can enjoy all the images throughout the podcast whilst surfing the web etc…

This post aims to share this, so others can better enjoy their favourite podcasts!

How to force enhanced podcast images to remain visible while you do other things

To force images to stay on top of other windows, you simply go the preferences window in iTunes (Edit -> Preferences). Then select the Advanced tab, and tick the “Keep film window on top of all other windows”. Then click OK to set the option active. You should now find the images stay on-top. You can drag the corners of the window to change the size, and drag it around your screen so it is in the most convenient place for your use. Moving over the image, you can also pause and control where you are in the podcast… very handy!


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