O2 Broadband IP – Dynamic IP is not so dynamic? Maybe even static!

Last updated on March 13th, 2021

Well an odd observation on my O2 broadband this week… a while back I signed up for a dynamic IP service to provide me with a static domain to use to access my PC when away from home. I received a mail saying they assume I’m not using it as I’ve not updated my IP since I signed up a few months back.

My first impression was that my O2 Router was being useless and not passing new IPs to their server… but on closer inspection there is a reason for this… in 3-4 months of use of O2 Broadband, my IP has never changed! I’m a bit of a security freak, so I switch the router off every evening when I finish with the PC… so it has to request an IP on a daily basis and seems to always get the same one.

Just an observation, but from my use at least, it appears O2 is effectively handing out static IPs, even to its dynamic IP users!

2 responses to “O2 Broadband IP – Dynamic IP is not so dynamic? Maybe even static!”

  1. I’ve noticed this as well and its kind of annoying to be honest, I’m a security freak so I would much prefer a dynamic ip! My ip has only changed once since I signed up a few months ago, I’m just looking to see if there is a way to force a release and renew.

  2. this you will find is a copyright theft prevention being dressed up as an anti terror move. twas a time not too distant when you had to pay for static IPs now your lucky if you can find a way to change it.
    Truth is the ISP’s in doing this are putting the customers PC security at risk as the best thing to do if you fear an attack is change your IP and if you cannot do it the fraud knows where to get hold of you

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