Peugeot 206 – Changing the pollen filter (aka cabin filter)

Last updated on March 13th, 2021

Having changed my pollen filter again, it reminds me how hard it seemed to be to find a guide for doing this, so I’ve disappeared out in the rain to take some photos to create a quick guide to replacing the cabin pollen filter on a Peugeot 206.

Be aware: The cabin pollen filter is in a tight space, so don’t be surprised if you get your hands on it, but seem to be struggling to work out how to get it out! It is literally sitting in the top of a metal duct, so you “just” need to lift it up and out. I find I have to loosen the edges, and then lift the front, and pull the right hand side out first (basically lift and pull the pointed right end side out). Hopefully the photos below will help. It’s well worth doing yourself rather than paying an expensive garage fee.

Pricing for pollen filters

I’ve bought mine from GSF and EuroCarParts in the past, but actually Amazon now looks to have the best price, at about £2 less than EuroCarParts and GSF at the time of writing (EuroCarParts: £7.29 versus Amazon: £5.42 with free delivery).

Replacing the cabin pollen filter on a Peugeot 206

10 responses to “Peugeot 206 – Changing the pollen filter (aka cabin filter)”

  1. Hi! Do you know whether this filter can cause the car to smell a bit funny? i have a peugot 206 and its got an unpleasent smell we just cant shift!

  2. @sian:
    I would say “yes”… logically the air runs straight through the filter… if the filter gets damp and grows mould or similar, it could be driving an unhealthy and unpleasant smell into the car. You’ll also get unpleasant smells if the filter is no longer working effectively and preventing proper airflow… you could lift out the filter and take a look/smell it… but if it’s over 12 months old, £10 seems well worth while for a clean and effective filter.

  3. I’ve been getting a wierd smell in the car when I put the heater/AC on so going to give this a go thanks to your helpful advice! Cheers 🙂

  4. Will this be the filter I need to change when I have antipollution fault? My car when driving it seems to pull back a little bit.

    • Tracy,
      Thanks for your question. I’d imagine that if the engine is being impacted, it would be the oil filter that you would need to change. The filter in this article is for the air that comes into the car cabin itself (where you sit).


  5. I was afraid how I gona change it on my own but now I see there is no reason to worry about. Thanks a lot! 🙂

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