Tips on getting backlinks

Last updated on March 13th, 2021

In the previous post I talked about the importance of backlinks. So here’s my tips for securing for good backlinks for your site:

  • Submit your site to web directories
    There are a huge number of web directories around. Submitting to the larger directories (like is easy, but to really get the benefit, you want to be submitting to a large number of web directories, and this needs to be done automatically.There are many pieces of software, and websites, out there that will submit your site to many web directories on your behalf, some charge a fee, and some don’t. They will cover a huge range of different directories.As BeachyUK offers a Search Engine, and Web Directory Submission service, I’d best mention that now… but there are many others too.
  • Buy expired domains
    This is a surprisingly large business, so it must work. We don’t have any experience of this ourselves, as we consider it a short-term and improper practice (can you tell we’re English?!). Basically, it’s based on the fact that websites don’t update their links regularly. So if a website expires with a lot of backlinks to it, the new owner will benefit from these backlinks, even though they pre-date the owners use of the domain.
  • Forum Signatures – Yours or buy
    Far too few webmasters make proper use of this. Simply join forums, add a link to your site into your signature, and get stuck in… each time you post on the forum, you’re adding a backlink to your site!For best effect, join relevant forums, and get really involved in the community of the forum. You’ll earn some good backlinks, but will also earn potential custom from the forum, based on the value you’re adding there.
  • Link to your site from your social networking profiles
    Particularly where profiles are publicly available (the same is true on forum profiles), adding a link, is another potential backlink.
  • Exchange Links
    Most common, people either join Link Exchange sites (where two parties agree to link to each other), or you agree this through a forum, or personal exchange of e-mails. I favour an e-mail to targetted sites, choosing sites of a similar PageRank to yours (otherwise there’s little in it for them), and clearly pointing out the similarities in your customer base.
  • Buy links
    Links are always up for sale. You can shop around on dedicated sites, or approach a site directly. Just be careful to ensure you are getting a backlink from a higher rank site than yours, and that it isn’t marked as “nofollow” (which means many Search Engines, like Google will not count the link as a positive backlink).

What are your tips on getting more/better backlinks?

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