Using an ARC/IMO Car Wash

This may seem odd, but after 10 years of driving, it turns out that my obsession with hand washing my car myself, means I’ve actually never used a car wash before!! Having received some vouchers for free car washes at the ARC/IMO car wash, I’ve been giving it a go, and it’s certainly a quick and easy way to stay on-top of the car cleaning.

This said, the results don’t match up to a decent hand wash, but I thought I’d take a video in the car wash for fun, as I hear some people have a complete phobia of car washes… so here’s a quick video to show how easy it really is!

For anyone watching this to get a view of what happens before going…. you start by pulling up well before the car wash to pay, and then get a quick “hand wash”, that’s basically a power hose, and a man with a soapy brush… just a quick removal of the worst, and a clean of the wheel arches. They’ll just you to move forward a quick bit (half a wheels distance) so they can clean the whole of the tyre. You then simply drive up to the front of the car wash conveyor, switch off your engine, and sit back… the conveyor will pull your car through as seen in the video. Just start your engine when you reach the sign at the end that tells you to… and your done. Quick and simple!


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