WordPress – Cache Issues – Clear Cache

Last updated on March 13th, 2021

Well I thought I would help others who may have been facing the same problems as me. When visiting my wordpress blog several errors appeared at the top of the website stating headers have already been sent out. This made it impossible to login to the backend of my blog.

After searching google for answers I found nothing. The only solution which kept appearing was to clear the site cache. My wordpress blog works without a cache so I knew that this was not the problem.

After speaking to my webhost BeachyUK.com I found out that the server had upgraded to apache 3. The result was my add in backupwordpress was no longer compatible.

The solution is to ftp to the server and slowly remove the add ins one by one until the site loads. This should then help you to find which plugins are causing the problems.

If this doesnt help you need to remove all plugins all try again. The site should now load. One the site has loaded slowly add the plugins until you find the incompatible ones.

Hope this helps anyone else who is stuck!

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