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Last updated on November 26th, 2023

I have just been looking for new insurance. As I am a young driver with no no-claims bonus, I am the worst type of driver an insurance company wanted on their books. To make the matter worse the car I wanted to insure was not the best either – an Audi A3 sport.

I tried all of the usual places and I assumed that having been insured on other cars as a named driver for the last two and a half years I could use my claim free history to reduce my premium. Unfortunately not! I tried the price comparison websites all coming up with prices from £1600 with Endsleigh. I knew I could do better and quite frankly did not want to spend that sort of money. Instead as everyone does lets go to Google. After randomly searching for young drivers insurance I was put through to a company called Bell Insurance.

Bell Insurance is part of the Admiral group and specialise in drivers with low no claims. Perfect for me with none at all! I was put through to a very very helpful sales person. I was given a quote for just £990 pounds a saving of over £500 from all the other companies!

I would highly recommend giving them a call if you are looking for car insurance their website is

This said, do check at least one of the top comparison sites before agreeing to insurance with Bell, or any other insurer. I recommend the below sites, all of which remember your details going forward, such that you can re-use them year-on-year without reentering your details from scratch! (personal favourite)

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