Choosing a Pet Insurance Provider

It took me ages to choose a pet insurer for my 2 cats. This post aims to provide the information I learned to help others in their search for a Pet Insurer. What does Pet Insurance cover? Each policy will be different, but you can expect to find policies covering some (or all) of the … Read moreChoosing a Pet Insurance Provider

Cat Insurance Costs – Real PetPlan Example

PetPlan is one of the few Pet Insurers in the UK that provide true “for life” cover on claims. This means they will continue to payout year after year for an ongoing illness, where other insurers would stop after 12 months or similar. The trouble is that you have to continue paying for insurance with … Read moreCat Insurance Costs – Real PetPlan Example

Pet Insurance: My experience with PetPlan

The fact is that pets aren’t cheap. A simple operation on a cat or dog can easily cost £1000, and that’s where the thought of insurance should come in. This post aims to give a view of one insurer (PetPlan), for those thinking of using them. Personal experience with Pet Plan update: 17th May 2009 … Read morePet Insurance: My experience with PetPlan

Young Driver – Cheap Car Insurance

I have just been looking for new insurance. As I am a young driver with no, no claims I am the worst type of driver an insurance company wanted on their books. To make the matter worse the car I wanted to insure was not the best either – Audi A3 sport. I tried all … Read moreYoung Driver – Cheap Car Insurance