Pet Insurance: My experience with PetPlan

The fact is that pets aren’t cheap. A simple operation on a cat or dog can easily cost £1000, and that’s where the thought of insurance should come in. This post aims to give a view of one insurer (PetPlan), for those thinking of using them. Personal experience with Pet Plan update: 17th May 2009 […]

iTunes – Get artwork to stay on top of other windows – e.g. Enhanced Podcast Images

I’m a big fan of the BBC’s “Best of Chris Moyles” podcast. This is available as an “enhanced podcast”, which basically means the artwork changes through the podcast, to give you a better experience, with pictures changing through the podcast, as designed by the podcast producer. I’ve remained subscribed to the enhanced podcast for years, […]

Peugeot 206 – Guide to topping up your engine oil

Engine oil is an amazingly under-appreciated element of a car. Many believe you can wait until this gets low to top it up, or wait for your next service. This simply isn’t the case. Once your engine oil gets low the top of the engine WILL be incurring higher wear and tear, with higher friction. […]

Expiry Dates: Check your Tesco Clubcard vouchers – use it or lose it

Not my usual topic, but I’ve just come across a couple of expired Tesco clubcard vouchers in my drawer, and a quick search of the Internet suggested Tesco will NOT renew such vouchers. Having just expired in the last month, I thought I’d call them to give it a go. I explained I was saving […]

Get yourself out of debt – Simple guide to financial independence

It seems it has never been easier to get yourself into debt. Debt is however a vicious circle for many, particularly when having children. This post aims to look at the basics of financial management to help those in-debt find a way to get out of it, or at least to minimise the impact of […]

Earning money online

Today there are an obscene number of sites and articles on the Internet dedicated to the topic of how to make money online. My concern is that all of those I’ve ever read are completely wrong, and serve a single purpose: to help the AUTHOR make money, disguised as articles to help the reader financially. […]

Global Climate talk results – what a farce!

I like to think of myself as a supporter of environmental change, i.e. greener solutions. I think climate change, and the general reduction of supply of fossil fuels means energy costs are only going to go one way, and there is an ever improving financial reason therefore to utilise produce our own electric, so I’m […]

10% off your first order at

I buy my pet food at, and as they offer the chance to refer a 10% discount to a friend, I’d thought I’d offer this to our blog readers. Just let me know if you’re interested… I’ll need your first name, last name and e-mail address, and I’ll refer you such that you should […]

Are high performance car light bulbs worth it? – the experiment

This post came from an assumption that the standard “generic” bulbs I was buying meant I was possibly sacrificing visibility, and therefore safety in my bulb choice. Particularly having seen the claims of market leader Osram with their “up to 90% more light” “up to 10% whiter light”, and up to 35 metres more visibility, […]

Peugeot 206 – Changing the pollen filter (aka cabin filter)

Having changed my pollen filter again, it reminds me how hard it seemed to be to find a guide for doing this, so I’ve disappeared out in the rain to take some photos to create a quick guide to replacing the cabin pollen filter on a Peugeot 206. Be aware: The cabin pollen filter is […]

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